Mobile Center of Excellence

A “mobile first” strategy to all your services and solutions

Establishing a Mobile Center of Excellence (MCOE) will help an organization connect people, processes and technology for strategic success. With a holistic approach, you can put an end to fragmented mobile projects and disjointed workflows. With an MCOE in place, your company or agency can establish cross-organizational mobility goals, and follow an encompassing road map to achieve them.

Through a customer discovery phase, Mobilegov will help define the vision, framework, scope, and priorities of your organization’s MCOE. We will help ensure regulatory compliance and implement industry best practices. Our goal is to help your organization develop standards, maximize efficiency, and support while championing your mobile solutions.

In close cooperation with your organization, Mobilegov will perform the following:

  • Examine maturity of your company’s employees, process, and technology to determine organization readiness
  • define the requirements, and build a vision for your organization’s Mobile Center of Excellence
  • Provide a realistic tactical roadmap for MCOE creation
  • Define short and long term roles and responsibilities of the MCOE
  • Generate overarching governance guidelines
  • Compile a “resource repository” for best practices, standards, tools, and templates

Our process


Direction Setting

Align mobile initiatives with larger business objectives, match MCOE scope with organizational goals


Maturity Assessment

Gauge readiness of supporting processes and prioritize initiatives accordingly


Objectives & Structure

Define MCOE short and long term goals, designate success factors, determine optimal MCOE structure


Tactical Roadmap

Organize people, processes and technology needed for a successful MCOE by priority and project phase


Next Steps

Develop a timeline, assign resources to MCOE roadmap, identify quick wins, and plan for MCOE launch

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