IT Modernization

for Mobile Readiness

Prepare your IT for the mobile enterprise arena

Adopting a “mobile first” approach in your enterprise presents a variety of challenges in terms of cultural adaptation, skills, tools, and processes. But perhaps most of all it reveals gaps in your existing IT infrastructure, practices, and competencies.

Mobilegov will design a prioritized, phased plan to overcome any identified limitations and ensure a comprehensive IT modernization approach to support a successful mobile strategy.

The key components followed in an IT Modernization roadmap include:

  • Establish an in-depth understanding of the organization’s mobile goals
  • Review on-going and previous mobility initiatives
  • Analyze mobility requirements, impacting data and organizational factors
  • Set direction for mobile functionality and desired security standards
  • Assess current IT maturity and prioritize areas for modernization
  • Conduct security risk analysis and devise mitigation strategies
  • Present best-of-breed mobility policy, vendor, and standards options based on collected customer data and analysis
  • Produce a step-by-step IT modernization action plan with summarized findings, recommendations, timelines and next steps

Our process


Direction Setting

Understand organizational mobile goals, review existing initiatives, document mobile use cases


Maturity Assessment

Assess current IT maturity, identify areas for improvement, prioritize modernization goals


Risk Analysis

Understand associated corporate data assets, identify potential security gaps, strategize for risk mitigation


Mobile Standards

Present best practices and select fitting options for mobility adoption policies, procedures, vendors, and standards


Roadmap & Next Steps

Generate IT strategy roadmap  with actionable steps while prioritizing impact and business value against readiness and cost

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